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Dear Juliette: Advice for Young and Older

Dear Juliette,

Mom was diagnosed with dementia and our family is planning for her care. Why should we consider moving her to a memory care community?


“Embracing the New Normal” in Dallas

Dear “New Normal,”

There are many excellent reasons to move mom. Living in a community offers socialization, as well as physical care. Trained caregivers are on hand to meet any new and changing needs your mom might have as well as to provide a consistent, safe environment for her.

Being around other people, taking a class, attending a performance – these are activities that have significant physical, social and emotional benefits for people living with dementia. Music, dance and art classes and events provide

meaning and purpose as well as enhance personal expression and communication.

Please remember to be kind to yourself in this process. Caring for a loved one at home is admirable but it can put your health at risk. A memory care community not only prevents your mother from being alone, it prevents you from being alone as well. You’ll continue as a leader in mom’s care plan but you’ll have skilled partners along for the ride.

By choosing a memory care community, you and your family members get to have peace of mind as well as the freedom to enjoy one another as you always have.

In friendship,


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