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Things we learned at Visionary Women 2018

Sabrina Porter, Juliette Fowler Communities CEO and President joined by Faith and Service Award recipient Sarah Jones, Erika McKenzie Award recipient Natalie Morin and 2018 Visionary Woman Claire Cunningham

Over 710 wonderful people united at the Dallas Omni on April 20, 2018, to Frame the Future, raising over $235,000, and making a beautiful difference in the lives of young and older at Juliette Fowler Communities.

More than 125 years ago, a young widow, Juliette Peak Fowler, suffered the loss of her two children. She took her grief and turned it outward, framing a future of care for orphans and widows in the very young town of Dallas.

Care has evolved at Juliette Fowler Communities and it continues to be an intergenerational utopia filled with people of all ages.

Donations through the luncheon provide food and housing for some while delivering education and learning experience to others.

Proceeds from the luncheon build quality moments into every day at Fowler by providing chaplains, music and art therapy, wellness initiatives and daily life enrichment.

Surrounded by 100-year-old trees, Fowler residents enjoy gardening, intellectual and entertaining lectures, music and art, swimming and wellness programs.

Four-legged family members thrive at Fowler and there is a dog park for residents.

The 2018 Erika McKenzie Award recipient Natalie Morin created “Art 4 the Ages,” a pop-in art class for preschoolers, parents and older adults. Details on attending “Art 4 the Ages” can be found on Facebook at

Erika McKenzie was a long-time volunteer, board member, and employee of Juliette Fowler Communities. She created the thriving volunteer program

Sabrina Porter with 2018 Visionary Women Luncheon Chair Amy Green

that welcomes over 2,500 to Fowler annually.

The 2018 Juliette Fowler Faith & Service Award was presented to Texas Christian University student Sarah Jones for demonstrating leadership, excellence, and the humanitarian spirit that reflects the life and legacy of Juliette Peak Fowler. Upon graduation, Sarah plans to pursue a career in family counseling.

Fowler was thrilled to celebrate the 2018 Visionary Woman, Claire Cunningham. Claire’s knowledge and consensus building helped Dallas schools desegregate peacefully in the 1970s. Claire is active in many organizations including SMU, The Dallas Arboretum, Chi Omega and the United Methodist Church.


Juliette Fowler Communities CEO and President, Sabrina Porter engaged luncheon goers in a number of thought-provoking questions….

  • What might care for children and youth look like in the future?
  • What might senior living look like in 10, 20 or even 50 years?
  • What services would you want?
  • What can we do better?
  • How can we eliminate age-ism – towards both young and older?
  • How can Fowler continue to meet the needs of children, youth and older adults in kind and generous ways?
  • How does Fowler maintain or even grow our unique community – where children are loved, young women are protected and empowered, and older adults thrive?


The Juliette Fowler Foundation is hosting a series of roundtable discussions to explore these questions and seek meaningful answers.

To participate in a roundtable and learn more about Framing the Future at Fowler, please email Ashley Brown at

Residents of all ages at Juliette Fowler Communities are thankful for your participation in framing their bright future.