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Children and Youth Services

Juliette Fowler Communities has long been a place of respite for children and youth. Juliette Peak Fowler dreamed of a safe and nurturing home for children in need. She envisioned an intergenerational community built on respect, compassion, and quality. Something magical happens when you bring children and older adults together. The benefits of interacting with older adults for children include improved academic performance, enhanced social skills, decreased negative behavior and increased stability.

The Problem

  • More than 30,000 children in the Texas foster care system
  • 1,500 children will age out of foster care system each year
  • Many children will drop out of school before the age of 18
  • One in three young people who age out of foster care will become homeless
  • Three of four trafficking victims rescued had been in foster care
  • The city of Dallas is one of the top 10 cities nationwide with the most sex trafficking

The Youth Support Center

To meet the need for intensive prevention, support and recovery services for at-risk children and youth, including those rescued from sex trafficking, Fowler provides an on-site, one-stop location for child and youth victims to receive whole-person services from carefully selected and vetted partner agencies. The Youth Support Center provides counseling, coaching, mentorships, and life skills programming to help youth (both male and female) ages 12-24 escape or avoid trafficking and exploitation. The Youth Support Center provides transportation to pick up youth who would otherwise be unable to visit the center and houses closets full of clothes, emergency food and feminine products. The Youth Support Center also offers educational, wellness and job skills programming, by establishing a plan with goals for our client’s future.

The Ebby House – Transitional Living for Girls

The Ebby House at Fowler is more than a shelter – it is a home for women, ages 18-24, who have experienced abuse, neglect, abandonment or foster care. This strength-based program mentors young women to instill life skills, provide housing, healthcare, education, career guidance, job training and permanency.  In our intergenerational community, they also benefit from the wisdom and encouragement of our older adults and have career opportunities on the Fowler campus.  At the Ebby House, young women find a welcoming environment to inspires and empowers them to achieve their goals.  Our dormitory-style bedrooms and inspiring, comfortable, and bright.  In addition to multiple living areas, the kitchen, computer center, laundry and exercise rooms provide a unique environment for success.

Foster Care and Adoption Services

Fowler’s supports children and families in crisis. In collaboration with Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services, Fowler strives to keep families together by providing counseling, building parenting skills and healthy relationships.  If these families cannot stay together, we recruit, train, and support foster parents and their children. We ensure families achieve self-sufficiency and children are placed into loving, permanent homes.  In 2021, 78 children were served in 45 foster homes. One foster home exists on the Fowler grounds; the remaining foster parents live in the greater Dallas community.