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About Us

It takes time to create a place as special as Juliette Fowler Communities—more than 130 years in fact. We grew up in East Dallas as a community people of all ages could call home. Today, we’re still an intergenerational family serving children, youth and seniors.

There are lots big, expensive senior living communities in Dallas. Many are for-profit operations that have been bought and sold multiple times. We’re something else entirely—intimate, cozy, comfortable—and you’ll feel the difference immediately.

At Juliette Fowler, you’ll find new things to discover, new friends to cherish, new ways to learn, grow, share, inspire and make a difference. We’re here to enrich lives—not to make money for shareholders.

Our website is filled with information about who we are, what we strive for and how it feels to live here. If you’re ready for an exciting new stage in your life, please explore these pages and then come see us.

To learn more and plan your visit, please call 214.827.0813 today or request information now.