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Helping Your Parents

You and your parent are sharing an important event in your lives. Choosing a senior living community is a big decision that involves lots of priorities and variables. Juliette Fowler is here to make the process smoother and easier from start to finish. We’ve helped lots of families over the years—and here are a few things we’d love to suggest.

Involve your parent as much as possible.

It goes without saying that the change is going to be biggest for the person actually making the move. If the transition is into independent living, your parent’s probably eager to play an active role in selecting a new home. It can be a fun, exciting process—and we’ll help you both make the most of it. If your parent isn’t up to playing a big role, we’ll help you evaluate the other options at Juliette Fowler and choose the perfect fit.

Understand your resources.

The cost of senior living varies a great deal. Identifying the funds you have to work with will help you and your parent focus on options you can afford—before you fall in love with a community that’s outside your budget. What are your parent’s current monthly income and expenses? Are the sources of income stable? Are there upcoming expenses that need to be factored in? Will selling a home or other property help cover ongoing living costs? You’ll need all of this information and more when you apply to a community, so start gathering it early.

Identify your parent’s needs today—and plan for tomorrow.

We can help here too. Fowler has multiple living areas, designed for various budgets and needs. We offer many options and the expertise to help you choose. As needs change, services can be secured.

Think about lifestyle and interests.

Make sure the social aspects of the communities you consider are a good match for your parent. At Juliette Fowler, we offer a wide range of comforts, activities and amenities—there’s literally something for everyone. Ask your parent what they’d really like to have in their new home. The more comfortable they feel, the more they’ll get involved, be active and make new friends.

Choose a well-run community.

We’re proud you’re considering us as your parent’s new home. As you evaluate us and other options, look carefully at quality and reputation. In addition to online research, we encourage you to talk to your parent’s physicians and other caregivers. Elder law attorneys, nurses, therapists and others who work with seniors and know our community well can be valuable sources.

Pay a visit.

Nothing beats walking around, shaking hands and getting the feel of a community for yourself. Bring your parent and a friend so you can share impressions and compare notes. When you visit Fowler, we’ll give you a tour of the areas you are interested in seeing. You’ll have a chance to chat with staff and experience life at Fowler. You can even sample the wonderful menu of the day provided by our culinary team if you wish! We have lots of activities every day— so come back as often as you like to get a sense of what life here is really like. At Fowler, everyone belongs.

Get the answers you need.

Before you visit us—or any community—jot down a list of the questions you’d like us to answer. You’re making a major decision, and we expect you to dig deep. We’ll answer your every question so you and your parent will feel confident and comfortable.

Go easy on yourself.

This is a big step with a lot of moving parts. Be patient with yourself and your parent. Do your research, keep communicating and stay open to the positive opportunities this transition can bring. We’ll do everything we can to help your parent settle into a wonderful new home.