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Why having a plan is the most independent thing you can do…

Happy Independence Day!

We celebrate July 4th at Juliette Fowler Communities with friends and family, flags and food, and perhaps a few sparklers thrown in. Looking up through the branches of our majestic oak trees, we see fireworks and hear patriotic tunes wafting over from Lakewood Country Club and Fair Park.

Celebrating Independence Day brings to mind more than Old Glory and Founding Fathers at Juliette Fowler. It’s also a time we rejoice in older adults and their independence.

It may seem like a dichotomy to think of moving to a community in order to maintain your autonomy but in truth, freedom is the greatest gift of simplifying your life. By choosing for yourself in advance, you maintain control of your future.

Taking the time to do some research and make decisions gives us power over aging. By removing things from our lives that may cause stress over time, we have access to better health. For example, homeownership is a joy but it can potentially weigh us down both physically and financially later in life.

Considering change may seem daunting but by choosing a few communities and visiting them at your leisure, you can learn a lot about where you envision yourself.

As you celebrate the American dream of independence today, take a moment to embrace your freedom and imagine the dream of your perfect, healthy, fulfilling future. Growing into the later years truly provides more time for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

To learn more about what healthy, fulfilling living is like at Juliette Fowler Communities, call 214.827.0813