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Daily Briefing, March 21, 2020


  • We are 6 days in to our 15 Day Slow to Spread Guidelinesit will work if we all keep doing our part
  • Tax Day has been delayed to July 15 to give individuals and businesses time to file. Early filers will still receive refunds
  • COVID Testing is expanding rapidly across the country
  • 95,000 symptomatic individuals have been tested; 19,300 have tested positive
  • So here at Fowler, we are all adjusting well to our new norm
    • Social distancing doesn’t mean we have to practice social disengagement
    • We are currently updating your life enrichment calendars with new
    • How blessed are we that we have this beautiful chapel and the ability to talk to you through our internal broadcast system?
      • Many years, ago, the Schneider Family gave us a donation to create this chapel. This is just one more example of how God knows what we will need before we do.
      • We are broadening the programming we will be broadcasting to you
      • Currently, devotionals are done every morning at 10am
      • Tomorrow, Ken Carpenter will provide Sunday school immediately after the morning devotional
      • Chaplain Vanessa will do a worship service at 230 every Sunday
      • Before long, Fun and Fitness will resume
      • We are talking about doing games and bingo
    • Meanwhile, do you need stationery and stamps to write and mail letters
    • Do you have a journal – journal your feelings
    • Would you like for us to bring you a puzzle?
    • Do you like to play solitaire? Do you need cards?
    • Over the next couple of days, we will be passing out our own Juliette Fowler Communities coloring book
  • Thank you for doing your part of stopping the spread.

COVID Hotline


Phone: 214-515-7184   Spanish Speaking Line: 214-515-1385