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2020 Impact

The 2020 Impact Report below tells the story of Juliette Fowler Communities this last year and the impact you made as a supporter and friend. The challenges we faced together and the tremendous acts of generosity of the community, gives hope and resilience for the future.

Thank you to these generous donors who made contributions in support of Juliette Fowler Communities in 2020.

Alta Hospice
AWARE Dallas
Bethany Christian Church
Bonnie View Christian Church
Central Christian Church, Dallas
Central Christian Church, San Antonio
City of Dallas- Controller’s Office
Clifton Larson Allen LLP
Community Christian Church, Richardson
Copperas Cove Christian Church
Cornwell Jackson
Creekwood Christian Church
Dallas Bar Association Family Law Section
Dr. and Mrs. Bennie Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Sanders
Dr. and Mrs. Colin Bell
Dr. and Mrs. David Canfield
Dr. and Mrs. Edmond Ward
Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Hernandez
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Lecrone
Dr. and Mrs. Ken Hubbell
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Hamlett
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Dickson
Dr. and Mrs. Mark E. Dowell
Dr. and Mrs. Pick Scruggs, III
Dr. and Mrs. Ron W. Moss
Dr. Elizabeth A. Long, D.D.S.
Dr. James C. McCabe
Dr. John A Trickel
Dr. John D. Wrench
Dr. Leta Durrett and Mr. Kirk Jackstadt
Dr. Nancy Ferrell
Dr. Rogers K. Coleman
Dr. Sebetha Jenkins-Booker and Mr. Charles Booker
Dr. Shirl Terrell
East Dallas Christian Church
Eastside Community Church
First Baptist Church of Kleberg
First Christian Church Ballinger
First Christian Church Grand Prairie
First Christian Church Longview
First Christian Church of Anna
First Christian Church Quanah
First Christian Church, Alvin
First Christian Church, Arlington
First Christian Church, Aubrey
First Christian Church, Baytown
First Christian Church, Bossier
First Christian Church, Denison
First Christian Church, Denton
First Christian Church, Donna
First Christian Church, Duncanville
First Christian Church, Graham
First Christian Church, Huntsville
First Christian Church, Hutchins
First Christian Church, Kingsville
First Christian Church, Lake Charles
First Christian Church, Lubbock
First Christian Church, Lufkin
First Christian Church, McKinney
First Christian Church, Mexia
First Christian Church, Mission
First Christian Church, Palestine
First Christian Church, Perry Searcher’s Class
First Christian Church, Plano
First Christian Church, Terrell
First Christian Church, Throckmorton
First Christian Church, Tyler
First Christian Church, Van Alstyne
First Christian Church, Wichita Falls
Frances Evelyn Maddox Estate
Golladay and Virginia Mae Stratton Estate
Greenville Ave Christian Church
Hattie Mae Lesley Foundation, Inc.
Henrietta Cragon Administrative Trust
Highlands Christian Church
Jacksboro Parish
Kings Highway Christian Church
Kirkwood South Christian Church
Lakeview Christian Church
Lillian, Hubert and Dewitt Crook Fund
Long Orthodontics PLLC
Lucy Lourana Stubblefield Memorial Trust
Luther King Capital Management
Mary Elise Yarbro Estate
Midway Hills Christian Church
Mr. & Mrs. David Feavel
Mr. Aaron Bryce Bath
Mr. Adrian Cruz Ramirez
Mr. Adrian Monroe
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Schonborn
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Winter
Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Carnes, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo B. See, III
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Floyd
Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Sheraw
Mr. and Mrs. Ben A. Brooks, III
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Schneeberg
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Nutt
Mr. and Mrs. Bret Pedigo
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Price
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Esterline
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Craycraft
Mr. and Mrs. Chaitan Fahnestock
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. L. Boortz
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Brittan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. McKenzie
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Goetz
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Bartlett
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Porting
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Jones
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. David Davis
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Yarbrough
Mr. and Mrs. David Lowry
Mr. and Mrs. David Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. David Roberson
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Dexter S. Plumlee
Mr. and Mrs. Don E. McKenzie, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Don Farris
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Pentecost
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Wabner
Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Dorsey
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Fulton
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Clifford
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Nance
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Gilkerson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Ellis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Speer
Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Coffey, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Garland Spretz
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Potter
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Tipton
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Wirsdorfer
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Worrall, II
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Worrall
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Swink
Mr. and Mrs. Gray Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Pickens
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wheatley, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Munn
Mr. and Mrs. Jack van Wunnik
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ten Eyck
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Rollins, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Haley
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Wallis
Mr. and Mrs. James McGehee
Mr. and Mrs. James Salmon
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Archer
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Jouvenat
Mr. and Mrs. Jay L Laengrich
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Baska
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Mundy
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Gault
Mr. and Mrs. Jerald E. Hobson
Mr. and Mrs. Jere G. Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Combs
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Whitten
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Joel M. Field
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Porter
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. John Hambrick
Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. John Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Lamb
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Rodgers
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Piwetz
Mr. and Mrs. Kenley Harper
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Charles
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. Kellam, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Cowsert
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Hofmeister
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ezell
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hermann
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Swinnea
Mr. and Mrs. Leon O’Neal
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Mac Hendricks
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wassenich
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Mazza
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Max Schlieve
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. McKinley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Daane
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Alverson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Michael LeVasseur
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Maxwell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Swan
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Benton
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Swartzendruber
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan L. Higginbotham
Mr. and Mrs. Noel Barrick
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kinder
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Dicarlo
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Bratlie
Mr. and Mrs. Peter DeTrempe
Mr. and Mrs. Phelan A. Bright
Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. McCleery
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip and Janie Griesbach
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Preskitt
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Darnell
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Rex H. Smothermon
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Dooley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard McMurray
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McKelvy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Holt, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Neuhoff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Skelton
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hohnstein
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Coit, III
Mr. and Mrs. Roland T. Bandy
Mr. and Mrs. Ronal Norris
Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Snodgrass, III
Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Jonas
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Church
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Prose
Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Boerder
Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Stansbury
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Sheridan
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wolff
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gann
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Shellenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Zoerner
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Marrs
Mr. and Mrs. Thad W. Crooks
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crabb
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Tignor M. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Tim B Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Speck
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Billingsley
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Daulton
Mr. and Mrs. Troy McCool
Mr. and Mrs. W. Gary Littlepage
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Jessiman
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Morgan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William Deiterman
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hartsfield
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Keene
Mr. and Mrs. Zack M. Herring
Mr. Andy Smith
Mr. Anthony Mwamba
Mr. Arnoldo Garza
Mr. Ben Crosland
Mr. Bill Gatlin
Mr. Bill Young
Mr. Blake Pritchard
Mr. Brent Christopher
Mr. Brian Andrew Brooks
Mr. Carlos Bueno
Mr. Carlos Guijarro
Mr. Charles DeAlbuquerque
Mr. Clinton A. McCasland
Mr. Cory Daniel Macdonald
Mr. David Cooper
Mr. David L. Dowler
Mr. David Sprinkle
Mr. Derrick Brown
Mr. Derrick Glosson
Mr. Eric Winton
Mr. Francisco Martinez
Mr. Gary Brown
Mr. Gerald E. Moses
Mr. Godfrey Onsongo
Mr. Guillermo Palacios
Mr. Harvey W. Wiggins, Jr.
Mr. Hector Aguilar
Mr. Jack O. Nelson, Jr.
Mr. James Moore
Mr. James Wilson
Mr. Jerry A. Stransky
Mr. Jerry Grissom
Mr. Jerry R Hite
Mr. Jesus Del Campo
Mr. Jimmy Percival
Mr. John C. Hackley
Mr. John C. Sherwood
Mr. John Esterline
Mr. Jon Drago
Mr. Jon Paul Daniels
Mr. Joshua Miller
Mr. Keith Thode
Mr. Ken Carpenter
Mr. Kyle Maxwell and Mrs. Debi Powell-Maxwell
Mr. Lee C. Ritchie
Mr. Luis Martinez
Mr. Mark Anderson
Mr. Mark D. Anderson
Mr. Martin Daniel Cacique
Mr. Matthew Randazzo
Mr. Maurice Simmons
Mr. Max Post
Mr. McMahon, II and Mrs. Lahutsky
Mr. Melvin Gray
Mr. Michael I. Blackwell
Mr. Michael Janicek
Mr. Norman Russell
Mr. Oliver Glass
Mr. Olu Fasusi
Mr. Pedro Medel
Mr. Penn Barber
Mr. R.F. Hughes
Mr. Ralph McBride Randall
Mr. Ramoneika Lyntr Russell
Mr. Rex A. Cooper
Mr. Richard H. Stephens
Mr. Richard Jordan and Family
Mr. Richard Smith
Mr. Robert and Dr. Sheryll Barker
Mr. Roger Townley
Mr. Ron Roberson
Mr. Ronald Elston
Mr. Sam Shurtleff
Mr. Sammy Kiprotich
Mr. Scott J. Canfield and Mr. Alan Smith
Mr. Scott Salmon and Mrs. Rebel Robertson
Mr. Sergio H Cruz
Mr. Seth McCasland
Mr. Soul Chikopa
Mr. Steven Little
Mr. Thomas A. Brooks
Mr. Todd Leveridge
Mr. Tom McConnell
Mr. Tommy D. Cole, Jr.
Mr. Tony M. Burrow
Mr. Vernon E. Tatsch
Mr. William G. Williams
Mr. William Krivan
Mr. William R. Weaver, M.D.
Mrs. Ann M. Holmes
Mrs. Arnold L. Brower
Mrs. Arthur J. Krupp
Mrs. Barbara Bradfield
Mrs. Betty Barker
Mrs. Betty McMasters
Mrs. Betty S. Hillin
Mrs. Brina Tignor
Mrs. Charlsie Bynum
Mrs. Cindy Dowell
Mrs. Clarence Carpenter
Mrs. Courtney Johnson
Mrs. Debra Marsh Jarratt
Mrs. Donna Hector
Mrs. Elizabeth N. Thurmond
Mrs. Gail Colwick
Mrs. Gay G Iglehart
Mrs. George Morrow
Mrs. Glenda Williams
Mrs. Guye Willis
Mrs. Helen Jean Youngblood
Mrs. Holly H Greef
Mrs. Holly Pritchard Mahurin
Mrs. Jennifer Garland
Mrs. John Hardman
Mrs. Jon Ylitalo
Mrs. Judy Townley
Mrs. Katherine S. Westfall
Mrs. Kathleen Mansfield
Mrs. Kenneth Hartman
Mrs. Kirsten G Swanson
Mrs. Kristen Breeden
Mrs. Linda Holt
Mrs. Linda V. Dame
Mrs. Lisa Moon Grams
Mrs. Lois E. Dunlap
Mrs. Louise Smith
Mrs. Macy Crabb Sullivan
Mrs. Marilyn Calhoun
Mrs. Marilyn Hicks
Mrs. Mary Spillman
Mrs. Michael Herrold
Mrs. Nancy Worden
Mrs. Natalie Alfrey
Mrs. Philip Davidson
Mrs. Phyllis Allen
Mrs. Rebecca Heath
Mrs. Sara Beckham
Mrs. Shari Elaine Hartrick
Mrs. Stephanie Burgard
Mrs. Susan Odom
Mrs. Tanya Starnes
Mrs. Teresa Thornburg
Mrs. Vanessa Lambert
Mrs. Virginia C. Zerda
Mrs. Virginia L. Jones
Ms. Alecia Petty
Ms. Aleen Johnson
Ms. Aleta Harper
Ms. Amalia Mercado
Ms. Amisha Pandya
Ms. Amy Harrison
Ms. Angela May DeAlbuquerque
Ms. Angeline Silkowski
Ms. Anita Laroussi
Ms. Anita Stevenson
Ms. Ann Carlyle
Ms. Ann M. Synowsky
Ms. Ann Nichols
Ms. Anna Penn
Ms. Annabelle Catterall
Ms. Annie Jones
Ms. Ashley Brundage
Ms. Ashley Lewis
Ms. Augustina Dor
Ms. Bettie Waldie
Ms. Betty Howard
Ms. Bettye R. Taylor
Ms. Beverly W McKinney
Ms. Bonnie Bauer
Ms. Bonnie Neville
Ms. Candy Ryan
Ms. Carla Hall
Ms. Carol Jenkins
Ms. Carol T. Gregston
Ms. Carrie Hill
Ms. Carrie Jo Laughlin and Mr. Jay Gerard
Ms. Catherine Holmes
Ms. Charlotte Jenkins
Ms. Charlotte Lowe
Ms. Charlotte Webberman
Ms. Chauncey L. McBride
Ms. Cheryl Barnes
Ms. Christa Brown Sanford
Ms. Christine Price
Ms. Christine Sherman
Ms. Cindy Moss
Ms. Connie Parish
Ms. Coretta Whitaker
Ms. Cynthia Green
Ms. Cynthia Lynn Bergouist
Ms. Cynthia Minchillo, RP
Ms. Dawn Levy
Ms. Debbi Lowe
Ms. Debbi Richard
Ms. Debra Gilmore
Ms. Dedra A Neely
Ms. Deidra King
Ms. Diana Palmer
Ms. Diana Patten
Ms. Donna L. Pipes
Ms. Doris Grant
Ms. Dovie Bates
Ms. Edith F. Roberts
Ms. Elaine Couch
Ms. Elaine Webster
Ms. Elizabeth Elam
Ms. Elizabeth Handler
Ms. Elizabeth Spain
Ms. Ellen Cunningham
Ms. Emily L Martinez
Ms. Erin N. Mason
Ms. Erma Beckworth
Ms. Eugenia Hargrave
Ms. Evelyn Hardwick
Ms. Georganna L. Simpson
Ms. Gloria Whitaker
Ms. Hannah Stringer
Ms. Hope Ross
Ms. Ila Sharp
Ms. Inge Elliott
Ms. Iris Smith
Ms. Jane Green
Ms. Jane Kimbrough
Ms. Jane Manaster
Ms. Janelle K. Odom
Ms. Janet Higdon
Ms. Janet Mitchell
Ms. Janice Blackstone
Ms. Janice G. Matise
Ms. Janice Higdon
Ms. Janice Lee
Ms. Janie L. Autz
Ms. Jean LaMont
Ms. Jean Oliver
Ms. Jean R. Ward
Ms. Jeana Smith
Ms. Jessica Gonzalez-Moreno
Ms. Jessie Cisneros
Ms. Jill Nelson
Ms. Joie’ Thornton
Ms. Judy D. Laube
Ms. Judy Higdon
Ms. Julia Hunt
Ms. Julie Chickering Albert
Ms. June Shipley
Ms. Karen Blakely Turner
Ms. Karen Davis
Ms. Karen Pedraza
Ms. Karen Wamsley
Ms. Karyn Miller
Ms. Kathryn Busch
Ms. Kathy Connell
Ms. Kathy Cook
Ms. Kathy Lewis
Ms. Kathy Woodson
Ms. Kay Tinsley
Ms. Kelli M Smith
Ms. Kelly Toman
Ms. Keyairria Hatton
Ms. Kittie Ringer
Ms. Kristin Elizalde
Ms. LaJuanta Adamson
Ms. LaKendra Williams
Ms. Latesha Wells
Ms. Latonya Foster
Ms. Laura Farber
Ms. Laura Kehoe
Ms. Lawanda Vance
Ms. Lee Small
Ms. Leticia Garcia
Ms. Letitia H Barker
Ms. Linda Brinkley
Ms. Linda Buchanan
Ms. Linda F. Luckey
Ms. Linda H. Lange
Ms. Linda Tenner
Ms. Lindy Duffney
Ms. Lisa Clock
Ms. Lisa Fenty
Ms. Lisa Lynch
Ms. Lisa Mumford
Ms. Lola Gwinyai
Ms. Lori Myers
Ms. Lydiah Wacheke Kamau
Ms. Lynne Gibson
Ms. Margaret M. Frisbie
Ms. Margaret Trulock
Ms. Margaret Winterbauer
Ms. Margarita Villegas
Ms. Marilyn Wragg
Ms. Marion Hampton
Ms. Marisa Partin
Ms. Marjorie Bracken and Ms. Jane Savant
Ms. Martha A. Williams
Ms. Martha Moss
Ms. Mary A. Bowie
Ms. Mary C. Parker
Ms. Mary Frances Burleson
Ms. Mary Kuehn
Ms. Mary Lou Hall
Ms. Mary R. Siemer
Ms. Mary Regina Smith
Ms. Mary Sharpe
Ms. MaryAnn Sanders
Ms. Maxine Bearden
Ms. Melody Johnson
Ms. Michele Matney
Ms. Michelle J Witcher
Ms. Nadine Wilson
Ms. Nancy Giammarco
Ms. Nancy Rowe
Ms. Norma Solis
Ms. Octavia Giadolor
Ms. Pam Dybvad
Ms. Pamela Covert
Ms. Patricia C. McDonald
Ms. Patti Foley
Ms. Paula Griffin
Ms. Pauline Fernandez
Ms. Prathima Peachera
Ms. Preddy Perna
Ms. Priscilla Angelik Barrios
Ms. Prue Nicholas
Ms. Rachel Cherian
Ms. Rachel Love
Ms. Rachel Porter
Ms. Raegan Muse
Ms. Rawlei McClanahan
Ms. Rebecca Riffe
Ms. Robin Vogel
Ms. Rosa Gonzalez
Ms. Rose Sharon Drinning
Ms. Rosemary Tamez
Ms. Ruth Howell
Ms. Ruth M. Rydell
Ms. Sallie A. Scanlan
Ms. Sally Richardson
Ms. Samantha Johnson
Ms. Sandi Foreman
Ms. Santos Nuno
Ms. Sara L. Starks
Ms. Sarah Nelson
Ms. Seychelle Jackson
Ms. Shannon Cox
Ms. Sharon Bird Stupp
Ms. Sharon Kitchen
Ms. Sheila White
Ms. Shelly West
Ms. Sherea Thomas
Ms. Sheryl Oliver
Ms. Shirley Whitfield
Ms. Shirley Wordes
Ms. Shonette Givens
Ms. Sofi Emiru
Ms. Sondra Roseborough
Ms. Sonia Davis
Ms. Sophia Saucedo
Ms. Stacy Olds
Ms. Stephanie Chapa
Ms. Stephanie Elliott
Ms. Susana Olvera
Ms. Susanne Starling
Ms. Suzanne M. Quenette
Ms. Suzanne S Radcliff
Ms. Sylvia Fergason
Ms. Tameka Randall
Ms. Tamica Holmes
Ms. Teresa A. Kraemer
Ms. Teresa Rowan
Ms. Teresia Ndungu
Ms. Tina Gonzalez
Ms. Tina Harris
Ms. Tommy L. Jones
Ms. Twilikki Brice
Ms. Venessa Harmel
Ms. Veronica Hernandez
Ms. Virginia Coleman
Ms. Virginia Dee Walraven
Ms. Wanda J. Joffrion
Ms. Wendy Garrett
Ms. Wendy Watts
Ms. Z Kebede
Ms. Zandra Faris
National Charity League, Inc, Lakewood Chapter
Northway Christian Church
NTA Disciples Women’s Ministries
Oak Cliff Christian Church
Office of the Texas Governor
Olicon, Inc.
ORIX Foundation
Orval and Lillian Shore Trust
Pastor Allen Howard
Pleasant Grove Christian Church
Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services
Rev. and Mrs. Ed D. Michael
Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Nolan Potter
Rev. Joe Hodges
Rev. Marcia and Mr. Gale Hagee
Riley & Evelyn C. Teel
Riverside Christian Church
Robert A. Hevelka
Sandra Hughes Estate
South Hills Christian Church
The Honorable Harryette Ehrhardt
The Rev. and Mrs. Chris Diebel
The Rev. and Mrs. David A. Baker
The Rev. and Mrs. Donald B. Manworren
The Rev. and Mrs. F. Clark Ford
The Rev. and Mrs. Kim Clowe
The Rev. and Mrs. Mark W. Irons
The Rev. and Mrs. William Matthews
The Rev. Bill Coburn
The Rev. Charlotte Coyle and Mr. Jerry Coyle
The Rev. Deborah Morgan-Stokes and Mr. Don Stokes
The Rev. Dr. Albert M. Pennybacker
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Andy Mangum
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. David C. Mindel
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert D. Davis, Jr.
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Kendrick G. Crawford
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Steven Mansen
The Rev. Dr. Charlotte Nabors
The Rev. Dr. Don McKenzie
The Rev. Dr. Robert Kenneth Schomp
The Revs. Jim and Jackie Summers
Trinity Christian Church DBA: The Welcome Table Christian Church
University Christian Church, Austin
University Christian Church, Fort Worth
Urbandale Christian Church
Virginia Fay and Alfred Grosse Estate
Zion Lutheran Church