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Engage Yourself

Research shows if you are regularly engaged in social interaction you will increase your brain life. For a healthy brain diet, a combination of physical and mental activity with social engagement is very important.  Social engagement reduces the rates of disability and mortality and also reduces the risk for depression. When you engage yourself and remain socially active it supports keeping your brain on track.

Find something you love and just do it! For instance, you may love animals, so you engage yourself with the therapy dogs. If you love children, engage yourself to be a “Big” in Fowler’s Big Brothers Big Sisters Program. Also, if you love children you can engage yourself with a Mommy&Me activity.  Engage Yourself and participate in your daily life enrichment activities. Find a buddy and buddy up.  Drink coffee and engage yourself with a buddy and enjoy a meaningful conversation. Eat lunch with a buddy and share some things about yourself. Engage yourself by volunteering to share your interest & skills a neighbor. It’s always more fun when you’re engaging yourself with friends and others.

Engage yourself, and just do it!