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Challenge Yourself!

Nothing is impossible.  Even the word “impossible” says “I’m possible.”  As you get older, your brain ages but you have the power to change how sharp your brain stays.  Mentally challenging activities such as learning a new skill, adopting a new hobby or engaging in formal education can have long-term and short term benefits on your brain.

Keeping your mind active is important and participating in new activities exposes your mind to variety of new things.  Who knows, you may find a new topic and learn to love it.  Challenge yourself, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Challenge yourself to teach yourself a new language.  Challenge yourself to use your non-dominant hand.  Challenge yourself by completing puzzles.  Challenge yourself to recite your ABC’s backwards.  Challenge yourself by learning a new route to walk or drive.  There are a ton of new things to do that you have not done before.  You’re never too old, or too young to challenge yourself.

So let’s start today to keep the brain sharper day by day!