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White Gifts

The story of “White Gifts” has a special meaning at Juliette Fowler Communities – one rooted in tradition, stewardship and generosity.

For many years, church and community supporters gave “White Gifts” to Fowler residents at Christmas. The gifts were wrapped in white tissue paper to emphasize the act of giving, not the size or value of the gift inside. As every gift looked the same, there was no glory for the giver, only for the One whose love was shared.

Throughout the years, this tradition has evolved. The “White Gift Tributes” program now provides for the greatest needs of our residents.

This Christmas season, give gifts of peace, hope and love by making a donation to Juliette Fowler Foundation to honor your pastor, a colleague, friend or family member. They will receive a Christmas card stating a gift to Fowler was made in their honor by you.

Your joyful gift of love will be a blessing to others and will benefit the One Heart Fund.

For more information, contact:

Jamie Rodgers at 214.515.1342 or