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Daily Briefing, April 09, 2020


Good afternoon, Fowler Family!

  • Seems like it has been awhile since I have been infront of you all! I am still here
  • We are seeing positive results in slowing the spread, so thank you to everyone who is following all the CDC requirements
  • Surgeon general says the most important thing you can do is social distancing! Other critical steps continue to be hand washing and wearing mask
  • Teammate Luis on our Facilities team is working on obtaining a new camera for us in the Chapel! It will give us the ability to have a cleaner picture, closer picture, and the ability to tilt angles when needed
  • Some sunshine for you:
    • Received in the mail:
      • I know Ann’s daughter Katie and wanted to send a note that we are thinking of you, so thankful your’re all staying safe and that we will get through this by being smart, kind to one another, and sharing love from a safe distance. All the best, Lindsey
      • Resident Tom Coughlin:
You can’t make everyone happy all the time
Give everyone a nickel and they’ll ask for a dime
But Juliette Fowler is doing its best
And no one can deny they’re passing the test  In light of the coronavirus, some outsiders seem
To consider Juliette Fowler safeguards extreme
But leadership, teamwork, pride and unity
Create an unbeatable community

  • I want to continue to say thank you to our teammates. You are all shining stars! One of our teammates shared this on facebook and I felt it was a true testament to our entire team at JFC
    • The staff in the nursing communities aren’t fighting the same battle that the nurses and doctors who are bravely fighting against COVID-19 are. Our battle looks a lot different. We’re fighting to protect our residents from the outside world. We’re fighting against depression and loneliness. We are fighting boredom and confusion caused by dementia. We are fighting frustration of family members not being able to visit and families who feel disconnected and fear for their loved one. So until this crisis is over, we will dress up in silly costumes and dance down the halls, we will give comforting words and do our best to created fun activities that can be done safely. We will hold iPads so loved ones can see their elderly parent who is unable to communicate and reassure them everything is okay. We will put on smiles even when our heads are pounding and we are fighting worry ourselves. We will do what we can to make sure the outside world stays “outside” and our residents stay safe.
  • Here is your jokes for the day from Rev. Bob Schomp:
    • Have yall noticed that since beauty salons are closed selfies are down 68%
    • The drop of petrol price during the lockdown is like a bald man winning a hairbrush
    • Remember wishing the weekend would last fovever? Happy Now????
  • Thank you.
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COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week toll-free at 833-986-1919