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First Day of School

Dear Friend,

We have just celebrated our 7th “First Day of School” at The Ebby House! Every “first” brings excitement, anticipation, and expectation with a touch of nerves, anxiety and doubt. As you can imagine The Ebby House is bursting with all these emotions and one more – gratitude.

Fifty-seven girls have been welcomed to The Ebby House at Juliette Fowler Communities since our opening in 2014. They arrived with different stories of heartbreak, abuse and trauma. However, their hopes and dreams for their futures were very similar – dreams of safety, security, and success; hope for education, employment, and stability. They were wistful for laughing, loving and belonging.

Your generosity makes their dreams come true!  When you give to Fowler’s One Heart Fund for The Ebby House, you instill hope and excitement for the future. You create resilience. You clothe, feed and shelter so their focus can be on learning. You offer new beginnings, but most of all, a home.

Lisa Mumford, Director of Children, Youth and Family Services at Juliette Fowler Communities recently started Gratitude Friday at The Ebby House. Each Friday, the girls are encouraged to share one thing for which they are grateful.  These comments were shared last Friday:

  • I am grateful to start school
  • I am grateful for a new beginning with a calming breath of fresh air
  • I am grateful to be able to personalize my room and make it feel even more like home
  • I am grateful for a roof over my head and food in my stomach
  • I am grateful for God blessing me with a job
  • I am grateful for a place to stay and being around people who enjoy my energy
  • I am grateful for The Ebby House

We are all grateful for you – The Ebby House exists because of you. Your generosity means the world to our girls. Won’t you please consider giving a gift to Juliette Fowler Communities’ One Heart Fund today? Please use the enclosed recycled envelope or go to


Ann McKinley
Chief Advancement Officer, Juliette Fowler Communities