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Daily Briefing, May 21, 2020


  • Good afternoon Fowler Family!
  • Dallas County is reporting a “healthy decline” in COVID cases
  • We remain in Code Red High Risk Zone because there is still community spread [spread through person-to-person interaction]
    • Yesterday: 186 new cases, 5 deaths
    • Hospital beds are 65% occupied
      • ICU = 70% occupied [the highest we have seen]
      • Ventilators = 33% in use
    • Our county officials are cautiously optimistic and hopeful that we have peaked and we will see a steady decline
  • We continue to look for ways that we can be cautiously optimistic as well – what pieces of life can we resume and bring the least amount of risk to ourselves and to our neighbors


  • Phase 2
    • Mobile Dog groomers that come to Fowler may resume
      • Dog groomers will remain in the parking lot
      • You should bring your dog to the parking lot and handoff using safe protocols – masks
    • Our contractors who do renovations in our apartments will resume with all screening protocols
    • Independent residents who reside in FCA and JLC may drive offsite
      • Take a drive and enjoy the scenery – drive around the lake
      • For curbside pickup of your groceries or restaurant orders
      • Go to a drive through and pick up food
      • Drop a letter off at the curbside mailbox of the post office
      • The common denominator in these examples – you are driving and remaining in your car
      • However, this is not an opportunity to go visit family or friends externally, shop at the mall, go to a restaurant and dine in, hang out at the bars that are now opening, head to the tattoo parlor, get a perm at the beauty parlor, or pump iron in the gym
      • Think of it as a mental health opportunity to get outside the gates and just drive which so many of you enjoy doing
    • Restricted access remains in place – no visitors in Phase 2
    • Regardless of phases of reopening on the federal, state or local levels, recommendations for individuals over 65 remain the same
      • Stay home to stay safe is still the recommendation from the CDC, and all state and local health officials for individuals over the age of 65
      • Senior communities should still restrict visitor access
      • Maintain social distancing and go out only when absolutely necessary – ask yourself “is my choice absolutely necessary?”
      • Wear masks whenever you leave your apartment
      • Wash your hands frequently and after touching any surface
      • Keep your hands from your face, eyes and mouth
      • Sanitize hard surfaces
    • For residents in our licensed healthcare areas – assisted living and skilled nursing
      • Families may schedule to drop of a favorite meal at the Eastside entrance of PNCC or FCA Means drop off 1x/week
      • Staff will deliver the favorite food to loved one
      • Visits are still restricted
      • These restrictions are mandated by our licensing entities – a law we cannot and will not challenge or break
    • For our staff, you too may now leave Fowler to pick up lunch – at a drive through or curbside pick-up only, no dine in restaurants
      • Your compliance to refrain from all public areas and gatherings is essential in our efforts to keep our residents safe
    • As we continue to think about our new norm and how we can resume life, we must all remain vigilant
      • The long-term ramifications of COVID 19 on your health are still unknown
        • Many medical experts are voicing concern for permanent damage to organs
        • Some “recovered” patients are experiencing episodes of temporary paralysis
        • In many cases, confirmed cases are not clearing
        • Growing concern for children – more cases reported in the area of a COVID related illness which can lead to life-long health problems
        • One of the gravest issues with COVID is the number of people who are asymptomatic who pass it to others – people who do not know they are sick, can make someone else gravely sick, even die
        • None of us want to be the one that brings a deadly case to COVID to our friends, neighbors or family
      • Do your part to keep yourself and therefore others COVID free
      • We look to our government for solutions but we as individuals own a large part of the solution by our actions and choices
      • Tomorrow is the deadline for entries in our Coloring Contest. You should have all received the Juliette Fowler Communities coloring book
        • Pick any of the full-page pictures to color and turn your completed picture in to the manager in your building
        • We have gotten some beautiful entries!
        • The winner will be announced on next Thursday on May 28 and the winner will receive a $75 gift card
      • For twenty years, the first Friday of June has been Deloitte Impact Day around the world and at Fowler
        • Due to COVID19, Deloitte has postponed Impact Day so we will not have those volunteers here that day
        • Instead we will have our own celebration of Impact
        • We are bringing pizza to everyone – all residents and staff members will receive a personal sized pizza for lunch
        • More details to follow
      • Today at 330pm you will want to turn to Channel 2 to watch the Virtual Wedding Album of our own Laura Star, now Laura Porting
        • As you remember, Laura got married on April 18 and her big wedding was COVID-sized – a small gathering of 10 – parents and siblings only
        • You will want to see these pictures – proof that joy and hope win
      • Make it a great day on purpose
All Daily Updates are posted on our website –
COVID Hotline: Phone: 214-515-7184 • Spanish Speaking Line: 214-515-1385
COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week toll-free at 833-986-1919