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Daily Briefing, May 10, 2020


  • Good afternoon Fowler Family!
  • Today is Mother’s Day and Godwink Sunday
  • And our story today is a little bit of both
  • We are all here at Fowler today, because someone long ago chose to pay it forward
  • This past Friday was Juliette Peak Fowler’s birthday and we heard the story of our visionary namesake who experienced the unimaginable grief of losing both of her babies and husband, never to marry or bare children again
  • Juliette managed her grief in the most remarkable way – she looked outward, beyond herself and it is said she did ‘works of charity’ for the rest of her life
  • She took in children she found abandoned
  • She cared for the elderly in her family home
  • Even in her death, Juliette took care of others
  • In her will, she left instructions for her land, this land we are on today, to be used as a home for widows and orphans
  • Through her grief, Juliette looked to God and found joy and hope and Juliette Fowler Communities is a result
  • Through her philanthropy, she actually “mothered” many children over the last 127 years
  • Yesterday, we celebrated one of those children
  • And that is today’s Godwink
  • Here at Fowler, we have a two-story house with blue shutters called The Ebby House
  • The Ebby House is home to young women who have been abused, neglected, abandoned or experienced foster care
  • Young women ages 18-24 can live at The Ebby House safely for up to 2 years while they advance their education and learn life skills missed while growing up
  • They are mentored, personally and professionally
  • They receive healthcare and counseling to address the traumatic abuse they have experienced
  • They learn to trust
  • And most of all, they feel loved – sometimes for the first time
  • At the completion of the program, our girls “launch” their lives with tools that will help them be successful
  • Yesterday, we held a ‘Launch Party’ for one of our girls
  • Some of you may know Vanity
  • Vanite has completed her life skills program and her education to be a pharmacy tech
  • Vanite moved into her own apartment yesterday and many of our supporters showered her with housewarming gifts to start her life of independence
  • She has the tools to support herself and has a support system of adults that she can turn to
  • She also knows that Fowler will always be a home she can return to
  • Some of you know that as well
  • Did you know we have residents at Fowler who lived here as children in our children’s home and have returned to live here as seniors?
  • This story is a great Godwink
    • Through Juliette’s nurturing spirit, God provides for us today
    • Her mother’s heart was broken, yet it has loved many
    • Through Juliette’s generosity, many lives have been impacted for good
  • Blessings to all those who have loved, nurtured, and mothered
  • Thank you, moms, birth moms, foster moms, adoptive moms, grandmothers, aunts, siblings, mentors and so many other amazing women for the love you share every day


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