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Daily Briefing, May 03, 2020


  • Good afternoon Fowler Family!
  • Today is Godwink Sunday – the day we share where we see God in our midst
  • Annie Jones shared a Godwink with us – she was sitting on a bench in prayer and Pam Coit drove by on a golf cart delivering groceries
    • For those of you who have not met Pam, she is Nicole’s executive assistant who has worked at Fowler for 15 years this June
    • Annie wrote “What a surprise to see Pam. She stopped and we chatted for a minute…I haven’t seen her in quite a while…it was a nice pepper-upper.”
    • God brings people in our lives for minutes, hours, years and their impact can be lasting or fleeting; but it is never accidental
    • Who is God bringing into your life?
  • I think the biggest Godwink for this week is how God provided for us today, long ago through a Dallas pioneer named Juliette
    • This coming Friday, we will celebrate the birthday of Juliette Peak Fowler, our visionary namesake who was born on May 8, 1837
    • Juliette was a faithful Christian woman who experienced tragedy in her own life yet looked for God in the midst of her pain
    • Through faith and hope, God turned her sorrow to good
    • Juliette purchased this land in 1885 for the purpose of providing a home for widows and orphans in Dallas
    • She had looked into the eyes of the vulnerable and responded with love and compassion
    • Juliette couldn’t have envisioned that years later, this place bearing her name would still be here
    • She couldn’t have envisioned that Fowler would survive the pandemic of 1918, two world wars and many other world events
    • Or that you would be living here, and Fowler people would be loving each other through another world crisis today
    • Yet, here we are; God’s love is alive and well in all of us
  • Stay tuned for more of Juliette’s inspiring story later this week
  • Let’s make it a great day – on purpose
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