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Daily Briefing, June 09, 2020


  • Good afternoon Fowler Family!
  • Today is Teammate Tuesday and Erin has updates to share with you after our COVID updates
  • We are still in the Stay Home Stay Safe Red Zone of COVID Risk Level
  • Dallas County reported 254 new cases yesterday and no deaths
    • We have reported 200 new cases for 12 days straight though Monday was a decrease from the days before
    • County officials are hopeful that the increased cases are due to population testing in nursing homes
  • The benchmarks for lowering our COVID Risk Level to orange are a 14-day decline in hospitalizations, ICU beds utilized, and deaths – these are steady and there has been no significant decline yet
  • More than 1000 cases and 150 deaths have been reported in 28 nursing and assisted living communities in Dallas County. 36 communities in Tarrant County are reporting cases. We are not required to report number in independent living communities, and we know of many who are experiencing cases in that area of living.
  • Below are the Dallas County nursing and assisted living communities:

        Monticello West

    • 43 residents, 3 staff members confirmed positive
    • 20 deaths

Brentwood Place One

    • 73 residents, 22 staff confirmed positive
    • 11 deaths

Edgewood Rehabilitation and Care Center

    • 49 residents, 14 staff members confirmed positive
    • 10 deaths

Signature Pointe

    • 19 residents, 5 staff members confirmed positive
    • 5 deaths

Skyline Nursing Facility

    • 51 residents, 10 staff members confirmed positive
    • 4 deaths

The Village at Richardson

    • 21 residents, 8 staff members confirmed positive
    • 4 deaths

 The Reserve at Richardson

    • 15 residents confirmed positive
    • 3 deaths

Lakewest Rehabilitation and Skilled Care

    • 13 residents, 1 staff member confirmed positive
    • 3 deaths

Duncanville Health and Rehab

    • 25 residents, 10 staff members confirmed positive
    • 2 deaths

North Gate Plaza Nursing and Rehabilitation

    • 6 residents confirmed positive, 1 staff member confirmed positive
    • 2 deaths

Willow Bend Nursing and Rehab

    • 2 residents, 1 staff member confirmed positive
    • 2 deaths

Avante Rehabilitation Center

    • 21 residents, 11 staff members confirmed positive
    • 1 death

Manor at Seagoville

    • 22 residents, 9 staff members confirmed positive
    • 1 death

Brentwood Place Two

    • 19 residents, 1 staff member confirmed positive
    • 1 death

Presbyterian Village North

    • 9 residents, 11 staff members confirmed positive
    • 1 death

Grand Brook Memory Care

    • 1 resident, 1 staff member confirmed positive
    • 1 death

Balch Springs Nursing Home

    • 1 resident confirmed positive
    • 1 death

The Avenues of Park Forest

    • 8 residents confirmed positive

Brentwood Place Three

    • 2 residents, 5 staff members confirmed positive

Entrust of Desoto Memory Care

    • 5 residents, 1 staff member confirmed positive

The Madison on Marsh

    • 2 residents, 1 staff member confirmed positive

Cambridge Court Assisted Living

    • 1 resident, 1 staff member confirmed positive

Lindan Park Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

    • 1 resident, 1 staff confirmed positive

 Windsor Gardens

    • 1 resident, 1 staff member confirmed positive

Agape Assisted Living Place Two

    • 1 resident confirmed positive

Crestview Court

    • 1 resident confirmed positive

Millbrook Healthcare & Rehab Center

    • 1 resident confirmed positive

Palomino Place

    • 1 resident confirmed positive

Why does this matter to us?

  • Because it shows that COVID cases continue to grow among populations who are deemed at highest risk – older adults and those with underlying health conditions
  • Because it is rare to have one case and not spread further
  • However, we had our one team member case and we believe early action and infection control protocols kept it from spreading
  • Today, Fowler remains COVID free because of the hard work we have all done to keep it that way – residents, family members and staff have worked together for the health and wellbeing of all
  • We all want to keep it that way, but we cannot remain in a cocoon
  • We also know that COVID isn’t going away any time soon
  • It’s time for all of us to learn to live with COVID
  • The challenge is making good personal decisions that also mitigate risk
  • Fowler seeks to provide you with the information to make an informed decision with the understanding that your decision impacts more than just yourself
  • Maya Angelou once said: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”
  • We have been making decisions with various pieces of information from credible sources and as COVID is a new virus, a lot was unknown three months ago
  • And while science continues to come up with theories and recommendations, we need to respond and change course
  • We are going to keep doing our best and all we can ask is that you be patient and keep doing your best
  • We are currently in Phase 3 of our plan to Reopen Fowler and Love Your Neighbor Basics has not changed
    • UTSW researchers continue to stress that if we would all just wear our masks and wash our hands, we would see the reductions we all want
  • I want to review a few areas of our plan
    • Spiritual Life
      • The chapel is still closed for gathering
      • Worship services, Sunday School, prayers, and bible studies will continue to be viewed via Channel 6 until further notice
    • Deliveries
      • Effective next week, grocery order deliveries will be scaled back to Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, 9a-5pm
      • If you are making a grocery order, schedule your delivery date for one of those 4 days
      • This week, our intake team is receiving deliveries Monday – Saturday, 9a-5pm and family members and caregivers must continue to bring items to the Administration Center through the Abrams parking lot
      • Next week, FCA groceries are to be redirected to 105 Juliette Fowler Street, Means Intake Station
        • Billie will provide you with specific language to put in the Notes section of your order to explain where and when to bring deliveries
      • Jackson and Pearl deliveries will continue to come to the Administration Building
      • This delivery process will stay in place until visitors can return
    • Groceries:
      • We strongly encourage Instacart and curbside pickup, but you may choose to do in-person shopping
        • Only shop during senior hours on senior shopping days
        • The grocery store will look different
          • One- way arrows down the aisles
          • Contactless payment
          • Employees are wearing masks
          • If you enter a store that is crowded, people are not wearing masks, please leave. It is important that you not put yourself in an environment of risk
        • For FCA independent living residents without a car, next week, 6/15, bus transportation will resume for essential groceries only
          • During senior hours which are early in the morning
          • You will be notified of your day and time – unlike before COVID, you may not show up without a reservation
          • Small groups only to maintain social distancing
        • For those who have a car, you will not be assigned a transportation time. The senior shopping days and times are extremely limited, and we must first accommodate those without a car
          • Those with cars may continue curbside pickup or drive yourself and a friend to do your shopping during senior hours
        • For my teammates
          • You have been so patient, and I am grateful for your willingness to do everything we have asked of you, at work and at home
          • No one has been allowed to take a day off in over three months and I know you are tired
          • You may begin to submit vacation requests to your supervisor
            • A new vacation request form will be available tomorrow that includes an attestation form – you may not travel by bus, train or plane
          • You may begin to seeing family members outside of your household
          • The same thing applies to you that applies to our residents
            • We still suggest Instacart, but if you may begin shopping in person
            • Limit gatherings of ten or more people
            • Wear your masks, wash you hands and sanitize your surfaces
          • Remember wherever you go, you are taking all your residents and teammates with you
          • Noah Kelley joined our team today as a Maintenance 2 technician. Previously Noah served at TK construction, which was a family owned business. He served there as a Job Foreman.  Prior to that, he served at The Fort Worth Business Group in Maintenance.  Welcome Noah!
          • Emily Martinez’s birthday was yesterday, June 8! Happy Birthday, Emily!
          • Michael Blackwell’s birthday is this Thursday, June 11! Happy Birthday, Michael!
          • Happy Anniversary to Will Durham! Will’s 1-year anniversary is this Thursday, June 11!
        • Make it a great day on purpose!


All Daily Updates are posted on our website –
COVID Hotline: Phone: 214-515-7184 • Spanish Speaking Line: 214-515-1385
COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week toll-free at 833-986-1919