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COVID Briefing, February 16, 2021


  • Good afternoon Fowler Family!
    • Two days ago Dallas County added 8 COVID deaths and 730 new cases
    • Proof that the vaccination clinics are impacting our numbers
    • But our story today, is weather
    • As you are well aware, the rolling outages, are not rolling
    • We have had power throughout Fowler since 330 am and pray it holds
      • We have experienced power, phone, internet and cable outages
      • We have staff on site, going door to door and checking on residents
      • Please notify your front desk if you need any help
      • It is frigid outside and the snow has turned to ice – we recommend you do not go outside – it is quite dangerous and we do not want anyone to fall
      • Continue to dress in layers as the common areas are cold
    • Judge Clay Jenkins signed an executive order forbidding price gauging so that essential goods are sold at regular retail prices – groceries, beverages, toiletries, restaurants, medicine, hotel room and any other lodging
      • He also advised manufacturing and industrial businesses that use electricity to close or shut down as many non-essential processes as possible Tuesday and all citizens have been asked to set their thermometers at 68
      • In his press conference yesterday with Oncor, they stated that Oncor was making repairs to damaged equipment so that they can deliver electricity once ERCOT allows them to resume service
    • The mayor’s office has provided the following statement:
      • “Due to ongoing record low temperatures and generation, ERCOT has continued to direct Oncor and utilities across the state to drop power load through maintained controlled outages. The controlled outages are occurring across the state and the entire Oncor service territory. Oncor was able to rotate some outages overnight, but poor grid conditions have continued to prevent us and other utilities from rotating or rolling, the entirety of these outages, leading to extended periods without power for many of our customers. At this time, ERCOT is unable to predict when grid conditions will stabilize and urge all customers to be prepared for extended outages to continue. ERCOT is using designated power lines to control outages so that hospitals and other critical infrastructures [fire department, police department, etc.] remain intact and system stability is preserved. Customers near these structures have not experienced outage, while customers farther away for these facilities or areas may be out multiple times or for longer instances. We do not know when power generation plants will come back online and it is outside of our control”
    • Fowler Family we ask for your patience. We have broken pipes throughout Fowler and we are doing everything within our power to maintain your safety
  • Today is TEAMMATE TUESDAY and we were unable to pull a list of birthdays and anniversaries – we will share them all next week.
    • The teammates we are going to celebrate today are the team members who have braved the treacherous conditions to get here, many who are spending the night
    • Dwight Ausbrook, one of our service coordinators at FCA, shared that a local civil rights pioneer had a tremendous impact on his life so today, we will highlight his hero – Juanita Craft
    • Juanita Craft was born in Round Rock Texas in 1902, the only child of school teachers
    • After graduating from high school, Juanita attended Prairie View A&M University where she studied millinery
    • After two years, she moved to Austin and received her teaching certificate from Samuel Huston College
    • She joined the NAACP in 1935 and became the Dallas membership chairman, organizing 182 branches of the NAACP over eleven years
    • In 1944, Craft became the first black woman in Dallas County to vote in an election
    • Following the 1954 Brown v Board of Education, Craft worked to integrate the University of Texas Law School and DISD
    • She served two terms on the Dallas City Council from 1975 and 1979
    • Craft was a towering historic figure in the Civil Rights Movement in Texas and was given many awards for her efforts including the NAACP Golden Heritage Life Membership Award and the Eleanor Roosevelt Humanitarian Award
    • She was recognized by the NAACP for her 50 years of service shortly before her death at the age of 83 in 1985
    • Juanita Craft’s Legacy includes The Juanita Jewel Craft Recreation Center and a Dallas City park that were named in her honor as well as a US Post Office
    • Craft’s home on Warren Avenue is now the Juanita Craft Civil Rights House – the Junior League of Dallas chose this restoration project as part of their centennial celebration
    • Climbing the wooden steps of this house were many historic figures seeking an audience with Ms. Craft, including Martin Luther King and Lyndon Johnson
    • Juanita devoted her life to equal rights believing that all people should be able to fully participate in American society
    • From 1950 to her death in 1985, her home served as command central for many of the pivotal moments in the civil rights movement in Dallas
  • Make it a great day on purpose!
All COVID Updates are posted on our website – www.fowlercommunities.org/covid19/
COVID Hotline: Phone: 214-515-7184 • Spanish Speaking Line: 214-515-1385
Email:  Covid19info@fowlercommunities.org
COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week toll-free at 833-986-1919
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