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COVID Briefing, July 28, 2020


  • Good afternoon Fowler Family!
  • COVID Update
    • Unfortunately, we had over 2000 new cases of COVID over the weekend and 20 deaths. Saturday, we had a record high of 1267 new cases and on Sunday we had 800
    • Monday, we reported 426 new cases
    • Medical City Hospital and Texas Health Dallas have resumed elective surgeries
    • The state has released data on COVID in licensed senior communities in Texas
      • There have been 356 deaths in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing facilities in Texas through July 13
      • North Texas had 270 of the 365
    • Our response has not changed – Love your Neighbor Basics has served us well – keep up the good work
  • Fowler Community Updates:
    • Our new vendor, the Yard Guys are working hard to get our grounds cleaned up – I believe they have been here every day since they started – yes even Sunday
      • You will see them more frequently right now – this will not be the normal schedule – at some point this will taper off but there is a lot of overgrowth and cleanup to be done
      • If you have question or ideas, please relay these to your building manager not the men doing the work – it’s important that the Yard Guys taking direction from a single source – as you can imagine it would be a challenge for them to have 353 supervisors
    • Update to Grocery Deliveries
      • We are amending our Saturday delivery shift at JLC and PNCC only
        • Starting this Saturday 8/1, deliveries will be accepted from 9am-3pm at the Administration Center for JLC and PNCC
        • Deliveries for FCA at the Means Activity Center will continue to be accepted until 5
        • Deliveries will continue on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
      • The Texas Department Agriculture Commission has issued a warning about packages coming from China
        • If you receive a box from China that you have not ordered, please notify us immediately. The packages appear to have come from “China Post” and have Chinese writing on the outside – do not open
        • The unsolicited boxes contain seeds that may contain “harmful invasive species or be unsafe”
        • In Texas, the packages have been labeled “Seeds”
        • 26 other states in the US have also issued the same warning
          • In Kansas, the packages have been labeled “Jewelry”
          • In Louisiana, the packages have been labeled “Toys” or “Earbuds”
          • In Ohio, the seeds arrived in yellow envelopes
          • See picture below – do not plant these seeds – if you are in receipt of these we will notify TDA to have them disposed of properly

  • Teammates – we have open enrollment for your health insurance – please get your forms back to Erin by July 31 so you can maintain your coverage
  • Teammate Tuesday
    • 7/26 was Raquel Harper’s birthday
    • 7/29 is Penny Kamau’s birthday
    • 7/30 we have 4 birthdays – Charlie Guijarro, Charlotte Jenkins, Ann McKinley and Jamie Rodgers
    • Happy 15-year anniversary to Maurice Simmons tomorrow 7/28
    • Welcome to Patrick Butler who is our new facilities tech on the Maintenance Team. Patrick begins tomorrow. He served in Maintenance at DISD for 37 years!
  • Thank you – and make it a great day on purpose!


All Daily Updates are posted on our website –
COVID Hotline: Phone: 214-515-7184 • Spanish Speaking Line: 214-515-1385
COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week toll-free at 833-986-1919