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  • Good afternoon Fowler Family!
    • Sunday, January 17, 2021, Dallas County Health and Human Services reported 1,377 additional positive cases of 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Dallas County.
    • Dallas County offices were closed Monday and numbers have not been posted.
    • On a national level, California is the first state to reach 3 million COVID cases
    • Almost 400,00 American have died from COVID and the CDC believes that another 100,000 could die in the next month
    • Texas is averaging more than 300 deaths per day
      • In a glimmer of hope, Texas still leads the country in vaccinations
    • At Fowler, we currently know of 3 FCA independent living residents with COVID
      • We have been notified that two residents in CD building are quarantining with family away from Fowler
      • One resident in AB building is hospitalized and contract tracing is taking place. Neighbors and friends have been asked to quarantine
      • Sadly, we learned this morning that we have experienced our first deaths associated with COVID
        • Last week, a resident in FCA AB Building passed away unexpectedly
        • We were notified by family that at their request, an autopsy was performed; yesterday, we learned the autopsy showed they had COVID
        • Additionally, their partner was hospitalized, and we learned over the weekend that they had COVID
        • Today, we learned the 2nd resident passed away
        • We did not know they had COVID; we are not sure they knew they had COVID; they did have underlying health conditions
        • This is all we know at this time; contact tracing is still in progress for these incidents – though it is believed that they had been isolated for some time
        • If it is determined through contact tracing that action is necessary, additional people will be notified directly
      • Last week we started our vaccine clinics and there was such hope and excitement in the air
      • The news today brings us back to the reality that COVID is still active and in our midst
        • Now is not the time to relax in fighting
        • If you are one of the 200 people who were vaccinated last week, you are not fully protected until 2 weeks after your 2nd shot – the majority of our community will not be fully protected by the vaccine until the end of February
        • Even if you are one of the 95% that is protected by the vaccine from dying or becoming seriously ill from COVID, it is unknown if you can still contract COVID and pass to others
        • We must stay vigilant to protect ourselves and others
          • If you choose to visit with friends outside of your household; keep your mask on and maintain your distance
          • Visiting in a neighbor’s apartment without a mask can put you at risk
          • Love Your Neighbor Basics are still mandatory: Mask, maintain distance, sanitize, wash your hands
          • If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID, stay home and notify your manager
    • I want to encourage everyone, residents and staff, to maintain the discipline to block off 2-3pm on Tuesdays and Thursday for this briefing
      • Fowler has a responsibility to provide clear concise information and one of the primary ways we provide information is through these briefings – about COVID and about our community
      • Each of you, resident and teammates, have the responsibility to show up and listen to the briefing and read the information we provide so that you can make informed decisions and you can respond timely as needed
      • This Briefing is a time that we come together as a family to celebrate, learn and pray


  • This past week, a new notification process was developed for notifying residents and teammates of the passing of a resident. This is not in response to COVID; rather this is in response to many of you expressing disappointment in not knowing when your friend dies
    • Our concern for our HIPAA privacy protocols can be balanced with our love for one another
    • Our new plan will include email notification to All Teammates when a Fowler resident passes away; those with email [managers] have a responsibility to notify those who do not have Fowler email
    • Verbal or email notification will be sent to resident’s immediate neighbors and close friends by staff; print notification will be provided by Chaplain Venessa
    • Additionally, we will place a framed photo and obituary in the appropriate neighborhood
    • Chaplain Venessa will provide grief booklets to families and sympathy cards will be signed by staff
    • Today, Gentry has information to share about the COVID vaccine.
      • New forms will be required for the 2nd shots and will be distributed to you
    • Thursday, Dr. Steven Bray, our medical director will provide additional information
    • Both presentations will be provided to you in a handout with the Briefing Notes and can be downloaded here: COVID-19 Vaccine: Answers to Your Questions
    • Good afternoon!  Happy Teammate Tuesday!
    • Tonya Williams celebrated her birthday on Jan. 17th!  Happy birthday, Tonya!
    • Happy birthday to Nadine Wilson! Nadine’s birthday is today.
    • Treena Essary’s birthday is on the 21st.  Happy birthday, Treena!
    • Sheree Jackson’s one-year anniversary is on the 22nd.  Happy anniversary, Sheree!
    • Hannah Stringer celebrates 8 years at Fowler on the 23rd!  Happy anniversary, Hannah!
    • Simone Stevens was lifted up by Norma Matthews and John Wrench as well as the entire JLC resident council.  They shared, “Simone offered to stay later than usual on New Year’s Eve when the residents were putting together a pizza party when dining room staff was off. She helped serve, did the shopping and stayed to clean up. We appreciate Simone very much!”
    • They also lifted up Shrhonda Jordan- Ingram stating that, “On New Year’s Eve Shrhonda was so kind to stay after work hours to help Simone and the Jackson residents with the pizza party. She pitched right in to the rescue.  Thank you, Shrhonda! We could never have gotten the clean-up done!”
  • Make it a great day on purpose!


All COVID Updates are posted on our website –
COVID Hotline: Phone: 214-515-7184 • Spanish Speaking Line: 214-515-1385
COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week toll-free at 833-986-1919