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  • Good afternoon Fowler Family!
    • On Tuesday afternoon, Dallas County reported the highest number to date – 3549 new cases.
    • On Wednesday afternoon, Dallas County reported an additional 2,994
    • Yesterday was an exciting day at Fowler
      • 173 residents and staff members received the COVID vaccination in the first of multiple vaccine clinics that will be held at Fowler
      • No one had any adverse allergic reactions or extreme side effects
        • “The happiest sore arm I have ever have!”
      • Thank you to the team members and to our partners at CVS pharmacy who coordinated this tremendous effort – kudos to Gentry Harper, our COVID Commander!
      • We have received many affirming statements – thank you for your recognition of the efforts of so many:
        • Don M: The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, but not this—such a well-organized effort
        • John T: Thank you to all staff and CVS clinic who ran a well organized clinic, it ran very smoothly
        • Janis A: I thought the clinic went great!  There seemed to be no hic-cups.
        • Liz T: Thanks to all of you and the CVS staff, the whole vaccination process this morning seemed to be flawless.  I know there was much planning, and it showed.  Great job!
        • CVS: The most organized clinic we have done!
          • The Pharmacy Manager asked for a brochure for a family member!
        • On Friday, FCA team members and Assisted Living Residents will receive their vaccine first doses
        • On 2/5, FCA IL residents who choose to be vaccinated will receive their vaccine first doses
        • Last week, FCA residents received a questionnaire asking if you wanted to receive the vaccine
          • Your responses were due this past MONDAY
          • If you did not respond, it is not too late – please turn your questionnaire in by Friday – tomorrow – stating you desire to be vaccinated on 2/5
          • Those who respond “Yes!” will receive the consent forms and be vaccinated during our upcoming FCA Clinic for IL residents on 2/5
          • Your service coordinator will assist you in completing your paperwork if you need help
        • There are a lot of steps to this clinic, a lot of registration that our team must do behind the scenes – your cooperation in getting in your consent forms and a copy of your insurance cards is required. All information is necessary or we cannot process your vaccine registration
      • Questions that have been asked since yesterday’s clinic:
        • Will I get a copy of my paperwork?
          • Yes, the consent paperwork is in triplicate form – one goes with the pharmacy, one is for Fowler’s records, and one will be available to you next week
        • Will I have to fill out another consent form for Dose 2?
          • Yes, there are new forms for Dose 2 which we will roll out when we get them
        • Being vaccinated does not change any of our protocols – we must still utilize our Love Your Neighbor Basics
          • In three weeks, CVS will return for our 2nd
          • Additional team members and residents will have an opportunity to be inoculated for the first time
          • It is believed that you will be protected two weeks after getting your 2nd
          • However, as these vaccines are only 95% effective, it is recommended by the CDC and all health experts that we maintain our mask wearing and other protocols to reach herd immunity
        • For most of us, the vaccine will protect us from getting sick at all
        • For the 5% who are vaccinated and still contract COVID, like the flu vaccine, you should experience lighter symptoms and not devastating illness and hospitalization
    • This coming Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day
    • Thank you to all who turned in submissions to my questionnaire
    • We received multiple submissions – thank you to all who took the time to reflect about Martin Luther King’s legacy and impact
    • I wanted to read a few of the submissions that were shared
      • Resident JoAnn I turned in this reflection:
        • “I was in junior high school in 1954 in Houston when the Supreme Court ruled school segregation was unconstitutional. My friends and I were leaving our classroom and our teacher informed us about the decision. When I graduated from high school several years later, all Texas schools were still segregated. MLK was very influential in school desegregation which allowed my children additional opportunities I was not afforded.”
      • Resident Annie J shared:
        • “I was growing up in Pennsylvania the same time MLK was growing up in Atlanta. We had different experiences. I was taught everyone was equal – not so with him. As I went to school and later learned from his writings that we were not all treated equal. When I went to graduate school in the early sixties, I was shocked at the difference. I was not allowed to date black men or I’d get shot – it was shocking! I first moved to the south in 1971 – I was shocked to see how different people of color were treated. When we got into the disability movement, everyone was included and so often MLK was mentioned for what he had done. I was proud of him and his movement. We must all continue to follow in his footsteps and honor what he stood for and continue to do so. This protesting COVID 19 has brought is outlandish!”
      • Staff Member Marion Hampton:
        • Dr. King stood up for black people, he was a man that believed in nonviolence, a man who believed we were all equal and he was a man of Christian faith. He was a great civil rights leader with a voice behind it. Dr. King worked to overcome hatred, racism and segregation.
        • What do I see is his legacy? I see it as humanitarian rights that reached beyond the civil rights movement – all he was fighting for was for all of us to come together
      • Martin Luther King’s words speak for himself – my favorite quote is:
        • “Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only Light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only Love can do that.”
      • His words are powerful and relevant today
      • We are preparing a tribute video using the submissions.
        • The tribute will run on Monday on Channel 2 and will be posted on Facebook
        • Support Services is closed this upcoming Monday, 1/18, for MLK Jr. Day.
        • Amazon and UPS deliveries will be directed to Jackson Living Center.
          • PNCC families, please refrain from making grocery deliveries on Monday
        • SUNSHINE MEALS TO PNCC – families, please schedule your Sunshine Meals with the life enrichment staff at PNCC and deliver directly to PNCC reception desk on Eastside
          • By scheduling, you are alerting the staff that a meal is coming and we can get the meal to your loved on while it is still hot
    • 1/19- Catherine N (PNCC)
    • 1/20- Frances M (JLC)
    • 1/16- Jeanne M & Robert C (FCA)
    • 1/19- Joann M. I (FCA)
    • 1/20- Elaine W & Stuart R (FCA)
    • 4 years- Edith R (JLC)
    • 1 year- Cheryl L (FCA)
    • 3 years – Sheila D (FCA)
  • Make it a great day on purpose!
All COVID Updates are posted on our website – www.fowlercommunities.org/covid19/
COVID Hotline: Phone: 214-515-7184 • Spanish Speaking Line: 214-515-1385
Email:  Covid19info@fowlercommunities.org
COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week toll-free at 833-986-1919
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