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  • Good afternoon Fowler Family!
    • Yesterday, 2/8 Dallas County reported 908 new cases and 34 deaths
    • Governor is working with FEMA to develop more mega sites – the Cowboy stadium and Houston Oiler stadium are being considered
    • Texas Motor Speedway successfully vaccinated 27,000 in a drive through clinic and they will continue to receive vaccines
    • FCA vaccine update
      • We completed our FCA staff and assisted living vaccines on Friday.
      • Additionally, we were able to vaccine residents in our service enriched housing who have underlying health conditions that would put them at higher risk if they contracted COVID
      • We still do not have confirmed dates for a scheduled clinic through CVS for our remaining residents at FCA independent living
      • FCA residents are already being proactive and some have received their vaccine through physician access
      • Until we get a clinic scheduled, we recommend that residents who wish to be vaccinated reach out to your service coordinator – Lubia or Dwight – and they will help you with your best possible option
      • We do know that individuals who have physicians at Baylor or UTSW are getting registered through their patient portals
    • Many are asking about changes in protocols now that we are vaccinated and some of your family members are vaccinated
      • At this time, the CDC and all of our partners recommending that we continue with our current protocols – no changes in the immediate future
      • The world has not changed – COVID is still taking lives
      • The vaccine provides an extra layer of protection but is not 100% effective in its prevention
      • We have come too far to abandon the game plan
      • Love Your Neighbor Basics, with strong emphasis on masks, will stay in place for the foreseeable future
    • Ash Wednesday is next Wednesday at 2:30pm
      • Chaplain Venessa is creating personal worship packs that will include your ashes
      • You must let VE know by this Friday if you want to participate in the Ash Wednesday service virtually and she will get you your personal worship pack on Tuesday
      • Last Thursday, we reported Annie J had been a resident at Fowler for 24 years – Annie has actually lived at Fowler for 32 years. Annie predates the technology we have that tracks this information!!
      • Last week, Ann told the story of Ruby Bridges, who as a 6 year old child made history as the first black child to integrate an elementary school in the south
      • I have heard many of you watched the Ruby Bridges story on Channel 2 after wards
      • Today, I’m going to tell you the story of Robert Smalls
        • This story came to our attention through a local Methodist minister, whom some of you may know, Rebecca Bruff
        • Rebecca and her husband took a vacation a few years ago to South Carolina and while she was in Beaufort, she heard a story she had never heard before
        • She became so captivated by the story, that she and her husband moved to Beaufort so that she could research and write a book about this man!
        • Her book “Trouble the Water” has one 3 literary awards. Rebecca was scheduled to speak at Fowler last year and that was cancelled due to COVID. We are working to reschedule a community wide Book Review via Zoom – stay tuned!
        • Meanwhile, here is the story of bravery and leadership
          • Robert was born in to slavery in 1839 in Beaufort South Carolina
          • His mother was born a field slave but became a house slave
          • As such Robert was favored in the household
          • When Robert was 12, his mother asked that he be hired out as a laborer in Charleston and Robert worked various hotel jobs until he was able to work on the boats at the harbor. He worked his way up to a wheelman
          • As a result, he became very knowledgeable about the sea and the harbor
          • He married and began saving to purchase freedom for his family
          • In 1861, the Civil War broke out and Robert Smalls was assigned to steer the CSS Planter, a lightly armed Confederate military transport
          • His duties were to deliver dispatches, troops and supplies and to lay mines
          • One night, Smalls asked his captain if the crew’s family could visit them on the ship
          • This was not an unusual request, it had happened before – but this time Robert Smalls had a plan
          • Smalls skillfully guided the ship around the harbor and picked up additional families of crew men and sailed right past other Confederate ships – to escape!
          • He sailed straight to the Union Navy, took down the Confederate flag and replaced it with a white bedsheet his wife had brought from home thus surrendering the ship, its contents and the lives aboard to the US Navy
          • Smalls, having just turned 23, quickly became known in the North as a hero for his daring exploit
          • He was recognized for his intelligence and was pressed into service becoming the first African American to serve in the United States Navy
          • Was recognized as a naval war hero who led 17 naval engagements against the Confederacy
          • Following the war, the United States paid him a sum of money for the boat he captured
          • He was one of the first free black delegates to the Republic National Convention in 1864
          • He led a boycott against segregated public transportation in Philadelphia which led to its integration in 1867
          • He returned to Beaufort and purchased the home of his former master which had been seized by the tax collectors
          • His mother lived with him for the remainder of her life
          • It is stated that he also let his former master’s wife move in with them prior to her death as she had always been kind to him
          • Robert went on to start a school for black children, founded a newspaper, started a store for freedmen and expanded the railroad from Beaufort to Charleston
          • He started the Republican Party in South Carolina and due to his popularity, he ran for office
          • As a state legislator, he authored legislation providing for South Carolina to have the first free and compulsory public-school system the United States.
          • He then represented South Carolina in the United States House of Representatives from 1874-1887
          • While in congress he advanced education opportunities and fought for the rights of freed men during the Reconstruction Days
          • He died in 1915 at the age of 75
          • And that is the little-known story of naval hero Robert Smalls – stay tuned for our upcoming book review!
    • Good afternoon!  Happy Teammate Tuesday! We have birthday’s every day this week!
    • Happy birthday to Isabel Mares. Isabel’s birthday was yesterday Feb 8.
    • Today, Feb 9 is Sheryl Oliver’s birthday. Happy birthday, Sheryl!
    • Teresa Silva also has a birthday today. Happy birthday, Teresa!
    • Wishing Sarah Floyd a happy birthday. Sarah’s birthday is on Wed Feb 10.
    • Jackie Wright’s birthday is Thurs Feb 11. Happy birthday, Jackie!
    • Happy birthday to Simone Stevens! Simones birthday is on Friday Feb 12.
    • Wishing Gary Willis a happy birthday. Gary’s birthday is Sat Feb 13.
    • Happy 9 year anniversary to Shrhonda Ingram whose anniversary was Feb 8.
    • Wishing a happy 12 year anniversary to Azucena Lozano. Azucena’s anniversary is Feb 10.
    • Sheryl Oliver celebrates her 1 year anniversary with us on Feb 14. Happy anniversary, Sheryl!
    • Twilikki Brice lifted up Francisco Martinez for loving people. Francisco took one of the Junius residents for a walk outside to the courtyard.
    • Shrhonda Ingram shared a shout out for Jan Matise saying, “Jan makes a difference. She brightens up one of the residents face every time she sees Jan. Jan loves the residents and it seems to soothe this particular resident.”
    • A shout out for FCA AL teammates Nadine and Charlotte –  During the AL vaccine clinic, these two ladies were amazing with organizing the process, assisting residents through the clinic, and then getting them back to their apartments!  What a DREAM TEAM we have!!!
    • A shout out for Malena Dickey, FCA Admissions Coordinator – while multiple teammates were out, she jumped into action ensuring jobs were taken care of, residents needs were being met, and that nothing fell through the cracks!  We are so grateful for her quick thinking, action taking, and all with best outcome results!  Residents and teammates are all grateful for your love of people, striving for excellence, and definitely making a difference!

Make it a great day on purpose!


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