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  • Good afternoon Fowler Family!
    • Yesterday December 7, 2020, Dallas County Health and Human Services is reporting 1,663 additional positive casesof COVID-19 in Dallas County, 1,606 confirmed cases and 57 probable cases. There is a cumulative total of 136,283 cases (PCR test), including 1,237 confirmed deaths. There is a cumulative total of 13,552 probable cases (antigen test), including 39 probable deaths.
    • Last week, the Dallas Morning News reported that 95 long-term care facilities were reporting active outbreaks – the highest number since the start of the pandemic
    • In the last 30 days, long term-care facilities reported 798 COVID cases including more than 300 infections of staff members
    • Of those 27 have died, including two staff members
    • Since the beginning of the pandemic 281 residents of long-term care facilities have died in Dallas county making up about 23% of the deaths
    • This is attributed to community spread in Dallas County
    • As we have shared, the number of cases in senior communities are a direct correlation to the level of community spread
    • Teammates and residents, it is imperative that we maintain our vigilance
      • Instacart your groceries
      • Amazon your Christmas gifts
      • Zoom your holiday celebrations
    • The health experts continue to speak to the long dark winter they expect us to have – as they anticipate exponential COVID numbers
    • Let’s continue to be the Dallas Unicorn – that’s a term Nicole likes to use that refers to how Fowler breaks out from the pack and does something different – we are a rare breed!
    • Let’s continue to lead from our values – lets show the world how we
      • Love people and wear a mask
      • Pursue excellence and socially distance
      • Make a difference to keep everyone safe
    • By maintaining our vigilance against COVID, we are living the Fowler Family values
    • There is a lot of discussion in the news about the distribution of vaccines
    • We are working with our pharmacy partner in the administration of the vaccine in the near future
    • We do not know yet which vaccine will be sent to Dallas
    • It does appear that residents in skilled nursing and assisted living will qualify in Tier 1
    • We anticipate a number of team members will also qualify for the first group to receive the vaccine
    • We don’t get to decide who or when; the health departments at the local, state and national level are making those decisions about the roll out – who gets it and in what order
  • A question we have received is: When we get a vaccine, does that mean we don’t have to wear masks?
    • The answer is – you will still need to wear your mask
    • In fact, president elect Biden has already stated that he will do an executive order making masks mandatory through first quarter
    • The vaccine is one additional layer of defense; it is not the only defense and it is not a cure
    • We believe that many of the protocols that we have in place will now the standard for infection control – including mask wearing
    • I am still researching the question about the usage of face shields instead of masks for residents who have difficulty breathing
      • The CDC is very clear that the face shield DOES NOT replace the mask, it is an additional layer, and protection especially for the eyes
      • It is believed that the virus can enter multiple areas – mouth, nose, eyes and the face shield is the cover for your eyes
      • However, I am looking at various types of face masks that may be better for someone with asthma or other chronic breathing conditions
  • Tomorrow is our teammate Mask-erade Christmas party!
    • Our party will look different this year – we cannot all gather in Fowler Community Center; however, we can be together virtually
    • In & Out Burger will be here to provide burgers again – the support service team will be delivering to each building
    • You will have your celebration – socially distanced of course
    • The raffle drawing for prizes will be broadcast on channel 6 – Teammates tune in to Channel 6, 230-330pm
    • We have games and prizes and you will want to know if your name is called!
    • Don’t forget to wear your holiday decorated mask tomorrow
  • It is now Teammate Tuesday – Erin will share our team member birthday and anniversaries
  • Make it a great day on purpose!


All COVID Updates are posted on our website –
COVID Hotline: Phone: 214-515-7184 • Spanish Speaking Line: 214-515-1385
COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week toll-free at 833-986-1919