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Children and Youth Services at Juliette Fowler Communities Fueled by The One Heart Fund

Child Services

The Vision: Juliette Fowler Communities provides hope and healing to hurting children through supporting foster families and abused and neglected youth.

By the Numbers:

Number of children served year-to-date (1/1/20-3/31/20):   43

Total days of care year-to-date (1/1/20-3/31/20):   2,771

Number of collaborative licensed foster homes:   41

Juliette Fowler Communities supports a variety of residential and community-based programs in Dallas County.

Juliette Fowler Communities supports foster families to love each child placed into their home as if they were born to them, knowing that the child(ren) will likely leave their home at some point.

After sometimes unimaginable behavior/trauma is displayed, to connect with that child and tell them how precious and loved they are. We ask that parents explore their own past hurts by pursing a journey of healing for themselves before they can offer healing to a child who has been hurt. All of this may sound simple, but it is incredibly hard. But this is what our kids need.

Thanks to the children services at Juliette Fowler Communities fueled by The One Heart Fund, foster children are safe and loved.