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Foster and Adoption Services

Juliette Fowler Communities has long been a place of respite for children, youth and elders. Juliette Peak Fowler dreamed of a safe and nurturing home for children and widows in need. She envisioned an intergenerational community built on respect, compassion, and quality.

Through the years, our services have evolved as the needs of society have changed. While the Juliette Fowler Home for Children no longer exists, our commitment to a safe and loving home for children remains through our foster and adoption programs.

In collaboration with Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services, Fowler provides children and youth a home in neighborhoods just like yours, living with trained and certified foster parents.

The PCHAS staff carefully recruits, screens, selects, trains, supervises and supports qualified foster families in Dallas County. Statistics show that the area needs more foster homes than are currently available. If you are interested in learning more about fostering or adopting a child, please call 800-888-1904.